Not only can Xtek Precision Maintenance handle all your on-site labor requirements with our highly skilled mechanics and millwrights, but we also offer on-site field machining. We realize that not all worn or broken parts can be removed from their application in order to be repaired, so we have invested in numerous portable machine tools that allow us to machine in place without removing the equipment to help our customers get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Having the machine tools is only half the battle, having trained, professional, machinists to operate them is the real key. We have that covered as well. In addition to our full-time field machinists, we also have the ability to flex our in-house machinists into the field as required.

Portable Machine Tools:

  • Drilling/tapping/milling/boring/facing/bore welding
  • MT-30 AIR DRILL 0 to 3”
  • Mirage HT-50 hydraulic drill with geared spindle feed 0 to 5”
  • Mirage H-50 Tapping Machine 0 to 7”
  • Climax 4000 milling machine Travel, X – 10”, Y – 40”
  • Climax LM6200 Linear/Gantry milling machine. Travel, X – 176”, Y – 106” Z- 8”
  • Climax small key cutter 0” to 1.625”
  • Climax large key cutter 0” to 4”
  • BB1000 Boring – Bar diameter 1.5” to 12” ID
  • BB5000 Boring – Bar diameter 2.25” to 27”
  • BB6000 Boring – Bar diameter 3.5” to 42”
  • BB3000 Bore welder – ID 1.5” to 50”

Don’t see the machine tool you need? Please let us know. Other machines can be acquired as needed.