Xtek Precision Maintenance has been fortunate to employ many of the finest millwrights in the area for field service, to include mechanics, field machinists and welders. Most of our people are adept at a minimum of two, and many times, in all three trades. We can have 4-6 groups in the field at any one time, and can deploy up to 60 qualified individuals at a moment’s notice. Our crews show up in company trucks and bring their own tools and equipment to the job site. At their disposal are boring bars of different sizes, portable key cutters, optical alignment equipment, and laser coupling alignment equipment to make the job go smoothly and efficiently. Their experience and professionalism will allow them to fit right in with your own on-site maintenance team.

In all field service cases, our people are supported by an experienced team of professionals back in our offices, and a complete Service & Repair facility at our headquarters in Paducah.

Our main service area is within a 6 hour drive of Paducah, KY but we have operated in states outside that radius as well as Canada, Mexico and several International facilities.

We typically deploy crews to our customer’s facilities for these important events:
Maintenance Outages
Planned outages that can include annual repairs or capital projects
Scheduled Maintenance
Weekly, monthly or six month preventative maintenance
Emergency Repairs
24/7 availability when the unexpected happens
Field Machining
Our skilled mechanics and millwrights offer on-site field machining
If you need quality, reliable field service, we’ll do whatever we can to help. Contact us today.
Emergency Repair service
Maintenance Outage service
Scheduled Maintenance